Sorrento, Amalfi, Capri: which is the true birthplace of Italy’s most famous liqueur, limoncello?

A querelle between Capresi and Sorrentini has been going on since the beginning of times about which one is the original lemon to prepare the original limoncello. What we know is that at the beginning of the 20th century, it was customary for the wealthiest Capri families to always offer a taste of limoncello to their most illustrious guests as symbol of welcome and hospitality.
The Ingredients
Zest of 6 or 7 large organic lemons
1 litre or quart of pure grain alcohol or vodka 5 cups (1250 ml)
Water 3 cups
Sugar (700 gr)
The instructions
1. Using a vegetable peeler, remove the peel from the lemons in long strips (reserve the lemons for another use).
2. Using a small sharp knife, trim away the white pith from the lemon peels; discard the pith.
3. Place the lemon peels in a 2-quart pitcher. Pour the vodka over the peels and cover with plastic wrap.
4. Steep the lemon peels in the vodka for 4 days at room temperature.
5. Stir the water and sugar in a large saucepan over medium heat until the sugar dissolves, about 5 minutes. Cool completely.
6. Pour the sugar syrup over the vodka mixture.
7. Cover and let stand at room temperature overnight.
8. Strain the limoncello through a mesh strainer. Discard the peels.
9. Transfer the limoncello to bottles.
10. Seal the bottles and refrigerate until cold, at least 4 hours and up to 1 month.

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