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Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, More than 3 million people in U.S. estimated to be contagious with the coronavirus, Outdoor classroom reenergizes kids during the pandemic. If relevant for the timeline squeeze in Roans banishment. The cafeteria is also located on that level. Some the inhabitants also defect to Shallow Valley or are killed. I know my thoughts are all over he place. Octavia easily figures out what they did. The start of Trigedasleng. Without time to warn Gaia, the group is forced to leave without her to return to Sanctum for help to stop the Disciples. In God Complex, Jaha, Marcus Kane, Monty Green, Indra and Gaia discover another bunker in Polis. Disciple culture believes that the key to some kind of eternal salvation will come with winning the last war. This process explains how the Disciples know so much about our heroes and could correctly identify everyone by name. In the meantime, Cadogan works on the Anomaly Stone he recovered in Machu Pichu in order to bring his people to a new world while 20 people commit suicide and the rest start worshipping Cadogan for saving them. In Sic Semper Tyrannis, Indra tries to convince Wonkru to accept her as the new leader while Octavia is unconscious (after being poisoned by Bellamy). 16 episodes. And to be fair, she could have been a lot more direct in her approach. It was their bunker that Octavia and Wonkru eventually settled in to wait out Apocalype 2. In Anaconda, after Bill Cadogan greets Clarke's group, she explains to Niylah in Trigedasleng that he was the one who built the bunker that Wonkru survived in for six years. How the hell is Bill Cadogan on Bardo, you and Clarke (in the promo for next week’s The 100 prequel series backdoor pilot) may ask? I did warn you… Really sure ? With grounders operating techology like the hydroponic farms, and water recyclers and all. PLEASE read. Is it possible that they are descendants of Reese Cadogan? The 100 has introduced a mysterious new enemy in its final season, but this new civilization is still shrouded in mystery. It's also been revealed that the bunker possessed its own Anomaly Stone, explaining how the Second Dawn set up shop on Bardo. It was later used by Wonkru to survive the Second Nuclear Apocalypse. Feeling that everyone that she cares about that is left is on Earth, Clarke smashes the Disciple helmet that could lead them to the Anomaly Stone and decides that they will settle on Earth. And a time jump to accommodate how Becca went into space to make more night blood on the eligius ship. There are plenty of theories about who these people actually are, but for now, we'll focus on the one that's currently the frontrunner. The bunker has six levels, labeled A through F. Level C contains the hydrofarm and the water recycler, which are completely self sustainable should the rest of the bunker fail. The cafeteria includes posters with quotes "blood must have blood" and "your fight is over". The group inhabits the bunker once again until they can build a more permanent home on the surface. The bunker has six levels, labeled A through F. Level C contains the hydrofarm and the water recycler, which are completely self sustainable should the rest of the bunker fail. Explore the obstacles she faced getting the clans to unite. Sounds a lot like the Sabbath, right? when i first started watching the show i wanted to make a edit/fanpage for it but i thought i was too old for it and that i had grew out of it . Show how the Arc came to the decision of blowing up Polaris. Maybe bring in the guys from the video Murphy seen in the lighthouse bunker which seemed to be her colleagues. Did she have parents? im simply giving myself a shoutout lol . In How We Get to Peace, Clarke and Bellamy come up with a plan to force Octavia to surrender by destroying her weapons - the worms. In Acceptable Losses, Clarke and Bellamy discover that Octavia and Kara Cooper have been experimenting on the parasite worms to use them as weapons against Diyoza and her people at the valley. Although Persi's bravery and defiance pose a threat to Octavia's reign, the two find a spark between them that is impossible to stomp out. All the talk about a Shepherd delivering the Disciples from the fire that consumed Earth sounds a lot like the cult rhetoric the Second Dawn leader, Cadogan spouted way back when. Octavia is confronted by a hallucination of Charles Pike for her actions, both in the bunker and outside of it. This theory presumes that these people are actually the descendants of the Second Dawn cult from back on Earth in Season 4. They were planning to use the worms' eggs. Raven tries to use the helmet left behind by Sheidheda to track down the Anomaly Stone, but the helmet is damaged and unable to pinpoint its location. The bunker is severely damaged when the Disciples send a bomb through the Anomaly. Near the entrance, there is a flag that reads "From the ashes, we will rise." When one of Diyoza's people goes against the orders and tries to attack Wonkru, Octavia declares war against the prisoners. They may have died at some point though their deaths are currently unconfirmed. After the bunker is opened, they start using the space above ground as well as the bunker. i decided to make one yesterday and its called @osleyasbunker on instagram. They work with Indra to advise Octavia against it but she refuses and says that this is war. The Anomaly opens nearby and with Emori's life on the line, Raven, Murphy and Jackson rush her through it on a gurney. [1] All three Second Dawn adages became important Grounder sayings. 1 Description 2 History 3 Throughout the Series 4 Former... We find out that Azgeda had to do something with the anomaly stone been hidden underground. In "Praimfaya", Indra says there are 1,200 inhabitants within the bunker. That's also what Orlando (Darren Moore) called members of his civilization during his five years with Echo (Tasya Teles), Gabriel (Chuku Modu), and Hope (Shelby Flannery) on Skyring/Penance.

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